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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
The sleekness of the new 4er Coupe is entirely deliberate as like its bigger brother BMW see the potential for a mid-range Gran Coupe which will inherit the same ideas from the larger 6er Gran Coupe but bring it down a segment to take advantage of growing demand for Premium downsized vehicles.
Due to the flexibility of the modular matrix that underpins the whole 3er family, the car will inherit a longer wheelbase and an individually elongated roof panel to stretch the car over the regular Coupe.

The Coupe itself is again seen as a formidable answer for those that want the sportiness and sleekness of the 6er but cannot stretch to the asking price that goes with it. As with all BMW's the core aspects of what makes a BMW will not be forgotten , expect a more sporting character than the already award winning F30. BMW know the customer base for the F32 and they know what drivers expect in terms of overall communication.

Interestingly enough the 4er Gran Coupe will possibly be the direct challenger for the Mercedes-Benz CLA or the recent Concept Style Coupe.
Although it is classed as the smaller A-Klasse. The car (if the concept is anying to go by) is actually bigger and longer than the C-Klasse.

The significant aspect of a 4er Gran Coupe allows the profitability of the whole F30 family to increase with the flexibility of adding individual concepts.
If you take the 6er for example the Gran Coupe also increases BMW's profitability in the high end of the premium market.

The E92 is still the benchmark for this segment and the F32 will be its prime successor. Individual style , character and involving driver communication.
The new 4er Coupe will arrive in early 2013.
Thanks Scott. It's finally starting to reveal itself a little and I like what I'm seeing.

I like the 4 series name for reasons I've stated before, but essentially it boils down to elegance and simplicity. What's easier to say...3 series coupe or 4 series?

Whether I buy it or not will primarily come down to price vs. perceived value. The price increase from an e90 to an e92 is about $2,000 and that seems to be a fair markup for the value we get. But will BMW decide that since it's now a whole new series they can bump it up $4-$5,000 over the 3er? If so, I'd have a difficult time justifying that purchase in my mind and would look back to the 3er or a competitor.
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