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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Don't suppose I qualify for this thread, as I'm looking to be in an F31 328i.

I was hoping to order for delivery on F31 launch day, but as the Sport line is not coming in the 328i, I'm not sure what I'm going for.

I'm stuck on trim level and nothing is lighting my fire at the moment, don't want an all black interior.

Anyone seen the saddle brown leather in the Luxury line?

I haven't yet seen the luxury interior as my dealer only has modern and sport at the moment and I don't like either; the modern is, to me, particularly unpleasant, with beige dials and it's finished in sculptured trim which looks like it's been roughly whittled from a gash bit of driftwood.
The switchgear and plastics feel cheaper and, to me, not what you'd expect in a car costing the best part of £40k.
However, all this is very much compensated for by a vast improvement in the electric steering and the amazing new 4cyl 2 litre engine; on paper it's not quite as fast as my F10 535d, but it feels quicker because there's absolutely no turbo lag and it shifts somewhere between 6 and 6.5K RPM.
I'm eagerly awaiting the coupé version, rumoured to be due late next year.