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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Don't suppose I qualify for this thread, as I'm looking to be in an F31 328i.

I was hoping to order for delivery on F31 launch day, but as the Sport line is not coming in the 328i, I'm not sure what I'm going for.

I'm stuck on trim level and nothing is lighting my fire at the moment, don't want an all black interior.

Anyone seen the saddle brown leather in the Luxury line?

I'll make an exception and let you in
Yes I have! The 328i I test drove was a Luxury with the saddle brown interior and it looked good actually. I prefer black, but it would be my next choice. It's not that light, cheap looking crap like you get in the Modern but not as dark as black. Smart, I must say.

And yes, because over here Sport is a "budget" Line, we can't get anything north of a 320d in that guise.
The M Sport though looks promising!
How come you're not after another 330d? I would walk straight past the 328i if I had the opportunity to be in a 330d! Sadly when I ordered in March, it wasn't available, and even if I ordered now, I still wouldn't get it till September/October time at the earliest!
So I'm really looking forward to a petrol actually after over 18 years of driving diesel and especially a petrol engine as fine as this. It will make a nice change, but will probably be back in a diesel (30d or 35d) in 3 years time!

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