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Originally Posted by Jon D View Post
I haven't yet seen the luxury interior as my dealer only has modern and sport at the moment and I don't like either; the modern is, to me, particularly unpleasant, with beige dials and it's finished in sculptured trim which looks like it's been roughly whittled from a gash bit of driftwood.
The switchgear and plastics feel cheaper and, to me, not what you'd expect in a car costing the best part of £40k.
However, all this is very much compensated for by a vast improvement in the electric steering and the amazing new 4cyl 2 litre engine; on paper it's not quite as fast as my F10 535d, but it feels quicker because there's absolutely no turbo lag and it shifts somewhere between 6 and 6.5K RPM.
I'm eagerly awaiting the coupé version, rumoured to be due late next year.
I've had the privilege of being in all specs of the F30 and I must say I completely agree with you about the Modern - it's bloody awful! As you say, even though the colour is down to personal choice, it looks tacky and cheap when compared to the Sport or Luxury's black dials. The driftwood amused me and my salesman greatly!!
Regarding the steering, it definitely was a huge improvement over the F11 I drove and just shows how electronic steering technology is improving. That said, taking price out of the equation, I'd take your 535d off you!
The N20's power drops off after 6500rpm so the auto transmission in DS will take it up to 7000rpm!
The spy shots of the F32 or 4 Series look excellent, especially around the Hoffmeister Kink! That's gonna be one fine looking motor I'd have that if I didn't need four doors and didn't a ginger little terrier.
I almost had an E92 330d actually because I didn't have a dog at the time and thought it looked good, but only in M Sport guise. So when I configured an E90 (which I thought looked worse in M Sport trim compared to the SE) and an E92, the price difference wasn't really justifiable when losing practicality. I'm very glad I went with the E90, I love it to bits and I'm glad I didn't go for the M Sport either.
On my old 520d, I wish I had gone for the M Sport package and on the Jaguar X-Type I had before that, I thought I should've had the sport pack on too but my 330d - very happy!!
And very very sad that it has less than 4 days with me

That said, I am really looking forward to and excited for my F30 and hope the N20 proves to be as reliable as my N57, even though it has developed 2 or 3 minor faults through its 3 year, 80,000 mile life time.

I have my 328i on 27,000mls per year so I suppose I am the one to watch when it comes to reliability!

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