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Originally Posted by svache View Post
Yeah I don't think I have ever seen it crowded over there, besides when they just opened that is. I think their prices are pretty steep, considered you can stay in Waikiki for less than 100 bucks a night.

I really wanna go there for a night or so someday, if only it is to swim in their pool and see the fishes xD

The lagoons are nice, we usually go to lagoon #4, the one all the way in the back. Be sure to take a snorkel set and and go a bit to the rocks, you'll be able to spot various fishes there and sometimes also sea turtles

I actually prefer the lagoons in Ko Olina over Waikiki.. Waikiki is nice but not for the beach lol, too crowded and too rough over there (as in lots of waves which doesn't go well with a 2.5 year old kid lol)
if you want to swim in their pool, I'll give you all my wrist band when I leave. Thats all you need. Everyday they change color wrist band.
better yet, if you come tomorrow or sat, I can get you a wrist band.

Lagoon and snorkeling tomorrow. Prolly hit up the pool as well.