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Originally Posted by ric124
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Hey Ric,

Quick question: if I plan on getting the H&R Sport Springs for my F30 (most likely 335i) is there any point on getting the sport suspension?

The sport suspension is $400 and the H&R Sport Springs come out to $500 (including installation).

What did you do? Did you get both? The Sports Line in Canada does not come with the sports suspension; it's an extra $400 add-on.

I think I'll not get the sport suspension and put on the H&R Sport Springs instead. Any suggestions?
Usually the sport suspension comes with dampers tuned to handle the shorter springs. You could save your self the extra $400 and build yourself something like a cup kit(dampers and springs). In the US sport line comes with the lower springs and I added the adaptive M suspension as well.


So you got the Sport Suspension (standard on sport line), the Adaptive M Suspension and the H&R Sport Springs?

Is it even safe for me to do the H&R Sport Springs on the standard suspension? I haven't done this before and want to make sure I don't do anything wrong.

Thanks again for your help!
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