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Originally Posted by Hoo411 View Post
I am strongly considering ordering a 2013 335i without premium pkg so I can avoid having a sunroof (tall person) but I will miss not having comfort access. Can these feature be turned on by coding?

On a similar line, since sat radio is also part of premium package, is there a way to "activate" it too - at dealer or any other way?
Regarding the comfort access, you will be able to enable it BUT, and this is the kicker, you need those special door handles with those sensors build in it and from what I know, you don't have them if you don't buy the premium pkg.

Sat is also a bit of a thing, if your car is equipped with a sat radio (which might be different of those who didn't order it, I don't know about this) then it still needs to be activated over the internet on the Sirius XM website (at least here in the US). So you might be able to chance settings, actually activating it but not buying it is probably going to be hard.

Originally Posted by LAnderson23 View Post
Nice, I look forward to seeing your results. I'm especially interested in getting the mirrors to automatically fold in when turning off the car.
You're in luck, it's one of the things I'm searching for. I either want it automatically fold when the engine is turned off or when it gets locked. So far I was able to find the codes to do this with the keyfob (similar as they do with the F10 but it's located in a complete different spot).

Originally Posted by Raspartan View Post
Very cool svache! Where did you get the software?

There are a lot of little things that would be nice to change, and I'm certain these could be done via coding.
I will post the location of the software and all that in some links soon

Originally Posted by Elk View Post
Svache, are you able to save the original file and/or the changes to a file?

I am interested only in ECU modifications and they are too much work if one cannot readily save changes.

I am trying to think of other things people complain about . . . can you turn off the headlight washers or in any fashion control when they activate?
The beauty of the e-sys program is that it automatically stores the current code as soon as you read it from the car (this is probably done so you can browse through the settings offline without draining the battery, which is a good thing since it does drain your car's battery, the actual coding doesn't have to take much longer than a couple of minutes once you know where to find the values to change). Once the code has been read and thus stored on your drive, you only need to copy and paste the code elsewhere before changing any values and store it in a different location.

What I did is, I have my original file stored in a few locations on different drives so I always have the original somewhere. The other successful changes I make will be stored in different maps.. think of the maps in a backup folder now being created as 2012-05-25.001 2012-05-25.002 2012-05-26.001 etc.

Regarding the headlight washers, you're in luck as well.. I found several settings for what I believe is the headlight washers (I am unsure, my German isn't that great lol, so I will have to test it). If I am right, you can chance settings like: the maximum speed to which the washers will respond (so if you do want the washers but don't like the spray all over the place, you can set it to a low value so it only sprays below a certain speed), the interval amount, turn it on and off as a whole etc. etc.
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Note: Many PM me for links to the software needed to code. Please note that I do not have download links to this software. Your best bet is using the search function in the coding thread