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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I'll need to see the saddle brown in reality, as it is not something I'd even list, unless I'm really impressed with it. Not into all black, so very limited in the F30/1 models.

328i is first choice, but definitely as a compromise. I'm heading into full retirement with this car. Mileage is now low in the BMW, (less than 8k per year), and typical and regular trips are about 12 miles each way, no good for a big diesel, particularly in winter time.

I've thought of the 320d as a compromise, but if into 4-pot engines the 328i petrol definitely makes much more sense for the use. And that bit of extra urge when needed.

If the 2.0 petrol was not turbo charged, I'd not be looking at it. It is the fact the engine has a good mid range, where I use an engine most, that it is top of the 'practical' list.

Ahh I see! Makes sense then! A 330d would make more sense for me being high mileage but yeah - can see why you would prefer to go with the 328i! It'll be a great engine and I'm really looking forward to it. I've just gotten so attached to my 330d, which is going tomorrow morning!!
Don't we have great cars What a lovely position to be in. A sad day, but I'd rather have it than not at all.

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