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Originally Posted by blueridger View Post
I respectfully disagree. For me, the F10 rear seat feels more spacious and I felt there was more headroom in the rear. That said, I really, really wanted to like the F30. I drove it several times in April when I was shopping. Coming from an E93, the F30 left me with the impression that BMW put too much focus on efficiency and cost savings, sacrificing driver experience. Little things like the shape and feel of the idrive buttons left me uninspired and I could not adapt to the sound of the 4 cylinder engine. While I'm still adjusting to the size of the F10, overall it is a much more refined car. That said, I miss the old steering and feel the F10 was a compromise. What I really want is something the size of the F30, with the refinement of the F10, and the connected feel of the last generation.
Yeah I agree with you here. I've been car shopping a lot lately and sat in the back of the f30 and f10 for an extended period of time and there is no comparison with rear seat room. The f10 has tons more room in the rear by far. This was high on my priority list because I wanted to know how much room was left in the back with a baby seat in place. As a matter of fact in real world feel the f30 didn't feel any bigger than my e90 in the front and rear.