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Originally Posted by msellars View Post
Is it possible to change the engine parameters ourselves? I have no clue how companies like Dinan change the ECU. Does anybody know how many parameters are changed and how they test it out?
Yeah you can change engine parameters.. it is, however, together with safety related options one of those few things I wont touch because you can seriously mess a lot up if you do it wrong.

Originally Posted by 09BlkSapphire View Post
Originally Posted by d_dot View Post
is there anything like this for the new 535?
This also works for the F10
That's correct, and even better: many of the codes are similar (some are named slightly different but the majority is very much alike). I actually got my info through guys who worked on their F10's

Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
you are the man. Now what can we do if we have an e90
I'm sorry, I have no idea if this will work for the E series as well. The stuff I have been using so far only covered the F series.. for the E series I believe there is different software.

Originally Posted by Legitimate View Post
You think this will work on the E-series cars, like my E70? Is it similar to the EDIBIAS thing everyone uses for that?

Any idea if turning off the seatbelt chime will disable an airbag? I don't want a passenger to die 'cause it disables everything related to that system.
EDIABAS is included with the e-sys, but I am not sure if it is the same which people use for their E-series.

As far as the seatbelt chime, if it is the same (or similar) on the E series as it is on the F series, then you should not have to worry about that. All safety features like the airbag, abs, dsc, etc etc, are located in different functions. I could technically turn the airbag off but it would be a complete different function. The way it works for the F series (and probably the E as well) is that every option is a function by itself
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