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Advice - M sport 31 Tourer

Hi All,

I've had several BMW's over the years from new, due to owning two large dogs I purchased a Skoda Superb 4x4 Elegance Estate 170bhp Diesel, having owned it for just after a year I'm well and truly bored and looking at coming back to BMW.

Plus everyone else I see driving one is 50 years old or a taxi driver.

I've been following the forum since seeing the F31 M sport in Estoril blue. Very tempted however the spec I want comes out around 37K at list.

Can anyone advise realistically the level of discount (is 6 - 10 % Realistic) and APR (I saw 12% on the site which is a joke), I'm looking to put down a 5k deposit.

I receive a good car allowance but I don't want to throw my savings in as a deposit.