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Originally Posted by blackberrycubed View Post
What are the chances BMW will take note of this and have dealership to check for these changes and void warranty? Or better yet place some kind of a lock\security in software update so these cannot be altered anymore?
I wouldn't be too worried about it. If you claim warranty on something, and they want to deny you warranty based on the coding, they will have to proof that a certain code also actually made it so that it broke your part, so if you delete the corner marking lights, or do something about the folding mirrors, they will never ever be able to void your warranty on the drivetrain, for example. Several coded cars (mostly F10's) have already been at dealerships and all came back without problem. Some of them had error codes generated by doing some coding (that also went away after a while), none of the dealers made an issue out of it. As far as BMW goes, if it is true what I've heard, then BMW knows we're using this software and is aware we're coding our own cars but their response was basically that they didn't care much about it. The only thing I would do, especially if you lease your car, is to keep track of what you change (and keep backups!) so you can revert it back to what it was when your lease ends and the car can be returned like you received it

Originally Posted by Beluci View Post
It's also possible for f01 ?
Yeah, this should be possible to do for all F series. There might be slight differences in the module names but in general it should be the same.

Originally Posted by sjohal View Post
This is the sound I'm talking about:
Isn't that the same sound on the F30? Or am I going nuts? lol xD
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