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Originally Posted by svache View Post

Isn't that the same sound on the F30? Or am I going nuts? lol xD
Your research and work on this are great, and obviously will be very helpful to a lot of us.

There are 2 major things I'd like changed.
1- ASS off by default. Or, remember last setting.
2- Remember last "drive mode" setting, such as 'normal' 'sport', etc..., or "sport" default.

I'm curious if anyone has had any success with asking their dealer to change a few items before picking up their new car?
I'm going to ask my CA if one of the tech's can at least change the 2 things I'm wondering about.
It would be great to know where those parameters reside so that I can tell the tech, in case they will do it for me.

Once you've got it figured out, can you post relevant "coding" info that I could give to the tech?