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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
With all due respect I do not agree with your interior assessment. Likewise I have been spending quite some time at my Bmw dealership and have sat in plenty of F30's and F10 to get a good feel of both cars. There is without a doubt more room in the F10 no matter where you measure it and i'm talking about more than 3cm. The exterior bulk of the F10 just translates to more interior space. Like someone else as mentioned already the difference is more significant in person than on paper. As for the interior quality it was no contest to me either so i'm not sure if you are comparing a bare bones f10 against a full decked out f30 in your comparison. Its all the little details that gives the overall refinement in a cars interior and the F10 is in its own league.

To be honest I think the interior quality and design is better in my well optioned E90 Msport than any F30 i've seen so far. It just looks/feels way more plasticy to me. When i get into a F30 i feel like i downgraded alittle or maybe a lateral move at best in terms of luxury feel. When i get into a F10 i feel like i just went up to an executive level automobile.

You can't really compare these two cars though. There is no wrong choice and they are designed to fit different needs.

F30 for Sport/handling
F10 for Luxury/space

Just my observation

+1 really could not agree with you more. I was surprised at just how much more spacious and luxurious the F10 was in comparison to the F30. One big step back is the the plastic inside the new F30 (especially on the dash) is very shiny and feels very cheap. I need a 4 door sedan in the winter and I have been going back and forth on the 335MT or an M5MT. Yes big difference in cars but the only reason I am stuck between these 2 is the fact that BMW Canada does not import 6MT for the 535 or 550 anymore - crappy!

I am going to go by the dealership and just go between the 2 a few times to see if I can get comfortable in an F30 because I really don't feel like paying double for a 550HP of which I will never get to use on the streets of Toronto.
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