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Does anyone know the weight of the stock BMW 18" sport rims (397)?

Also, I assume the stock BMW 397s are cast wheels and not forged, but I have found some good wheels that are close to the weight of good forged wheels for my 335i.... But I really hope some one either knows the weight of the stock rims or they weight them for us once they get their new setup....

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P.S. My response to the OP's question would be to stay conservative for looks and comfort. stay with 19s, but go more aggressive with a wider setup of: 19x8.5/245s front & 19x9.5/285s rear. This is the F10 M5 type setup & it looks killer and handles like nothing you have ever experienced, unless you have driven a few Lambos/Ferraris like I have
( the car will be far more comfortable & look better... I never prefer a rubber band type tires, with next to no sidewall, that have to go on twenty's or larger anyway)