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Originally Posted by PeteNJ View Post
Hate to be the debbie downer but the output on plug and play tower LEDs are horrible. You can barely see them during the day (Quite evident in your video)

I would really think twice before replacing your tails.
Yeah, that's true, they're indeed not that bright during the day but I'm hoping it has something to do with the amount of LED's on it, the ones for my taillight that I ordered have 42 LED's each where the front ones have 18.

If that doesn't work, I might try to give it more output through coding, I found some functions that supposedly should work for that, just didn't have the time to test it yet. Either way, it's ok, the white bulbs that I had before these LED's were also not that visible during the day, plus we have the lights in the mirror and if all that fails, it's still ok, it seems as if nobody is using their blinkers anyways nowadays lol
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