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lol ok ok..

So I just went outside for a bit and installed the rear turn signal LED's. I haven't seen anything odd yet (haven't been staring at it long either, I have to do some stuff in a bit before another F30post member is coming over to help test fit my old M3 rims).

All I can say for now is that it looks awesome The color is so much redder now, and since these ones have 42 lights (or something like that), it seems as if they are distributing just as much light as the regular bulbs, just more redder (probably since the LED's are red unlike the bulb that's white and therefor displays a more amber-ish light).

Here's two pics:

And here is a video showing the difference between the LED (left) and bulb (right):

Might make another picture/video later when it's dark

Edit: just in case anyone is wondering, these are the LED's I used: you can see, they were less than 15 dollar and nothing was said about being error free.. I'm starting to believe you could actually get away with the cheaper LED's (I'm thinking of getting one of the cheaper amber LED's with more LED's than my current ones so it's more bright during the day), it's at least not a lot of money if it doesn't work out

Just wondering for my break lights.. the bulbs in the break lights are the exact same as the turn signals.. should I get the same LED's or should I get some with more LED's to make the breaklights even more visible? Kind of feel I should since breaklights are most important
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