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Keeping the Car (Relatively) Clean for Super Lazy / Busy People

I have a new Imperial Blue car and it shows dirt quite quickly. I am fine with the car looking a little dirty - I am not going to be able to wash it (or have it washed) multiple times a week. I know this probably horrifies some of you, but so be it. I think twice a month - by hand or taking it somewhere quick - is probably about the most that will happen.

I don't mind washing the car myself in the warm months. But we have at least 3-4 months here where it is too cold and there is no way I'm going to hand wash the car. I know some of you are brave and have methods you swear by, etc, but I'm telling you for me it is not going to happen. And I'm not going to spend more than 45 minutes on the car if I do something by hand.

I am also not going to pay a fortune to someone to detail my car all the time. My finances are all tied up in paying for this car!

I know there are endless debates about detailing. I am not obsessive and just want to avoid the absolute worst.

So what is the general consensus on the least terrible of automated car washes for those of us (like me) who are not obsessive about detailing? If I'm not going to hand wash/detail (often), should I get wax from the automated car wash?