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Originally Posted by martinf79
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Yes it makes a big difference!

I've never driven staggered but I can tell you it'll be quite a rough ride!

My Dad owns a 2010 E350 4matic and my Mom has a 2010 ML350 and they both have the tires the same all around. I have a good friend who drives a heavily-moded Genesis during the winter and he too went with 18" all around non-staggered.

It's only from November till March that we really need to be safe after that the weather is pretty stable. Plus it doesn't snow all the time so just get a set of nice 18" non-staggered and you'll be really safe!

Where u going to order the VMR wheels from? Got a good dealer?
There's a place close to my office in Markham (tuner store). I have the place written down at the office (I can mssg you on Monday). He's going to place an order for winter rims (from china) at the back end of July. He can get a real good deal on them, as he'll just include the rims in his big order (he"s ordering an entire bin, so really cheap - as low shipping cost). If we order 2 sets, we can probably get a better deal.

I'm definitely in!

I live in Mississauga but bought my current winter tires from a store in Markham.

PM me all the details.

The pricing is for winter tires only or winter tires and the VMR rims? Let me know the exact details and when we're ordering.
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