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Ordered a 328i Luxury in red back at the start of March, picking it up next weekend.

So why that choice? Well would have liked a Sport Line but in their wisdom BMW don't want to offer a 328i Sport Line in the UK right now. If I was ordering now then I'd probably splash the extra 500 or so and go for the 328i M Sport but again, wasn't an option at the time.

Coming from a 2009 118d Sport 3-door, which I have to say has been a great little car (even better since the remap), but her indoors continually referring to it as my 'puny earthling car' finally got to me, and when she said to me "how about we get you something a little bigger" how could I refuse. Last 2 cars have been diesels and just fancied getting away from the oil burner grumble, and seeing as the mpg figures of the 328i don't seem that much worse than the 320i, figured I may as well.

Actually I'm already thinking about tweaks like fitting the Sport Line grille & lower intakes, plus getting the chrome door trim vinyl wrapped in black, but maybe I'm being too hasty and will have to see how well I get on with all that chrome

As to spec, went for...
- Visibility Pack
- Professional Multimedia
- Sunroof
- Sports seats (tried them in showroom, preferred them to the 'regular' ones)
- Heated seats
- Electric seats
- Lumbar support
- Heated steering wheel (sorry, but I get cold hands in the winter!)
- Privacy glass
- Sport Auto
- Folding mirrors
- V-spoke Style 398 alloys

Will post some pics when I get it.

Oh and finally... add me to the list of people who think the interior of the Modern Line is just gross. Couldn't live with an interior that's the colour of tinned tuna, and that wrinkly wood would do my head in!

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