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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
Soo so sad.

Kind of pissy about it, but really that just means it'll be another $1500 retrofit down the line to upgrade it. And by down the line, I mean in 3 months.. When the car is barely broken in.........

Yay for our 2013s having a 6 year old navigation system.

Oh well. At least it's a solution you can just throw money at to fix! :s

There's always the very slight chance that they haven't had an opportunity to update the interior photography on the configurator page, but I doubt it. Especially with the press release outlining that the new nav is specifically on the ActiveHybrid 3, and that's how it matches up on the configurator.

We really won't know until the 2013s start getting delivered.
I agree. All is not lost. It is certainly odd that cars rolling off the same production line IN the same series won't have the same Nav. What are they gaining or loosing by holding it back unless there are design mods that the Active 3 has that allows it to have the new nav? As far as it looks to me it's just software. I'm not sure why the hardware would have to be different.