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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
No, not in a reliable fashion. You may be able to get a dyno somewhere that reads 400hp with some aftermarket intake and modified downpipes, but this is far from the standard Alpina needs to adopt when marketing their cars.

Alpina tried that themselves when the N55 came out and there was the idea of integrating it into the B3S Biturbo. However, after a number of engines broke down during the testing process, this was abandoned. The N55 simply does not have enough potential to produce 400+hp and a broad torque band while maintaining the reliability and emission standards that Alpina is subject to.

I know what they put into their cars (I've spent some time with Andy) and also know that they have had some time to work on things since that original N55 project- they can rework a lot of things and let's not forget that BMW M GmbH has been assisting them a great deal over the last few years...

I would't be surprised if there is a modified bedplate and two turbos to go along with other typical Alpina tuning. But maybe they will stick with the N54 although they will have a hard time getting one that isn't from a crate. I really don't follow their prototyping as close as I should... as I love the cars a great deal and up until the M550d I swore that Alpina was the only way to get a true High performance diesel..

What's your take on what is under that hood?