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Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post

Thankfully no harm done and I hope you have this silly situation sorted.

No harm done this time, but it's not a silly situation at all-

Most people own homes with attached garages, and should this have happened at night with the OP getting home and kissing his kids goodnight this incident and the associated carbon monoxide could have killed his whole family.

Much as I'm looking forward to getting my F30, I am very uneasy about the engine stopping as I'm ready to make a quick dart across traffic and now this engine-running incident. There should be a way to disable this ASS nonsense for those of us that don't care about the environment or pinching pennies on fuel. It's a frivolous $50,000 luxury car, not a Prius. BMW shouldn't wait for someone to get hurt, should have a "permanent ASS off" solution for those of us who want it.