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Originally Posted by Chips335d View Post
WHAT is up with all the Diesel bashing? All you 'd' haters are the exact reason why BMW is sending us over the boring Active Hybrid 3 and 5 instead of awesome cars like the new 330d or 535d.
It's a result of the lackluster choices we've been given here in the US. The 335d was a dud, not as fast as an F30 328i and no more efficient, plus auto only and the increased upfront and maintenance costs. It's cool, but sort of pointless.

I used to work in Germany and frequently drove various BMW diesels and the midline cars that were much more efficient, available with manuals and still able to hit 250 on the Autobahn were what made the most sense.

So far they aren't offering the 335d for the ROW, the 330d being the largest diesel, and the brilliant N47, of which there are various versions, including the one in the 525d that would be great in a US diesel.

I worked in Frankfurt from 2003-2007 and would have gladly bought a good diesel from the moment I returned. No one has offered a good choice in the US (VW continues to use a timing belt and requires a 40k mile belt change) and BMW continues to make bad decisions like the 335d and the Hybrid. Audi keeps threatening to offer diesels in each US model, including the A4, maybe they'll get it right.