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Originally Posted by fotios335i View Post
Now it comes on right at startup then disappears even without clicking "ok" exit button. It says malfunction right at startup every time now. I'm just wondering if it really is messed up whether it would stay on or not. Any experience from anyone ? Thanks
Your sensors and fine and working properly, its just your idrive, You have to reset your idrive, it happened with me once when I put on a new set of wheels (however it didnt happen every time i put on a new set of wheels). For these wheels, everytime it would say TPM malfunction at start up and then go away without me doing anything, I reset the idrive and it worked fine after that. (you dont even have to go to the dealer, you can find info on the forum and can do it yourself, I did it myself). I dont know about the F30 but worst case you can take it to the dealer. As long as the wheels are green they are working properly and the right ones for your car.