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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
You don't really need a wheel cleaner if you keep your wheels clean, I just use ONR. I keep some P21s on hand for detailing friends cars that have been neglected, but you can usually get by without it if you take decent care of your car.

Poorboys will certainly protect your wheels, but it doesn't offer much help with keeping the wheels clean in the way the AA stuff does. Meguairs makes some similar stuff to the AA, but it doesn't seem to hold up nearly as well.

I've used the AA stuff for years on the 1er and on my old powder coated wheels on my previous car. I always use sealant on my wheels, clay and polish them once a year or so and just spray the AA stuff on and let it dry overnight so it doesn't sling (and it certainly can if you don't let it set up). It's about $6 for a can at Target and I get about ten to twelve washes out of a can.
Gotcha. One last question, concerning ONR, do you recommend a rinse off to avoid swirling the paint with the surface dirt? Or, do you just have at it with ONR and your wash mitt? Thanks.