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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
If I told you that I would happily cross-shop a well equipped 328xi with a similarly equipped A6 2.0T for my wife if the prices were similar, would that make it ok to compare them? I do know that the A6 is meant to be a 5 series competitor, but if Audi is willing to be so aggressive with the pricing, why should I be all dogmatic about it and refuse to compare the two just because they are meant to be in different classes?

The fact is that the F30 has grown both in size and in character, while Audi has been making a steady march towards the sporty end of the spectrum. Given two German AWD sports sedans with electric steering, turbo-4, similar interior volume and even similar price, I think many people would cross-shop the two.

If you like the A6 and the 328i, and want to decide between the two, then by all means you can cross shop them. There is NO reason why one can't shop for different types of cars in order to see what they want.
I shopped sedans with coupes with convertibles from all manner of manufacturers.

As for the pricing differences, of course it's there.
However, BMW's resale is greater than Audi's. That's reflected in their respective residuals, which are set by the market.
A BMW may cost more than an Audi, but when you go to sell them later, you'll get difference back for the BMW, and may even do better, as it will lose less of it's value.
IN the end, the higher prices BMW will likely end up being a better value.
The question is, do you want to pay the initial cost up front?

As for leasing, there is NO question, BMW beats Audi all day long.
For the monthly I will be paying for my 335i Msport, I can only get a nicely optioned A4 2.0T quattro sport.
For leasing, it's clear that either 328i or 335i is the better lease, and that's also directly related to it's better residual.