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Originally Posted by trfortin69 View Post
Since I'm on my 3rd HPFP and BMW NA lied to me about the first one when I called them out on the power loss. Thanks to their lies I'll be switching over to S4 as soon as I can, but my BMw ain't worth crap on a trade due to n54issues so I have dish out big bucks for a down payment now.... Thanks BmW from one pissed customer. Fat chance I'll buy another one.
The N54 did have HPFP issues.
I have an 09 135i.

However, your assertion that the 135i is "worth crap" due to the N54 "issues" is BS.
N54 resale is quite good, and it's holding it's value pretty well compared to any other brands competing with it.

As for those "issues", the HPFP has been resolved.
BMW issued an in house recall and replaced any N54 that came in asking for the replacement pump. Plus, BMW has given all N54's an extended 10yr-100/120K warranty to cover any potential future HPFP issue.
So far, the pump used for the recall has worked just fine.
HPFP failures are only coming from N54 cars that have not yet come to get the recall performed.

If you want proper value for your 135i, then don't trade it to an Audi dealer. Sell it privately. No one gets great value on a trade in, as most people expect near retail for their trade in, when trade in is more like wholesale. Don't blame BMW for that, blame the market.

If you want an S4, that's cool.
But, don't write BS about your BMW 135i.