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Originally Posted by WJGreer View Post
I tend to agree. I have a psychological barrier to car price at about $55,000. It's hard for me to imagine spending more, even if my income supports it.

I've bought CPO in the past to afford the car I wanted, and that has been a good experience overall. This time around, though, I'm jonesing for an F32 335 xDrive coupe, so I'm three or four years out from having CPO access to one of those (at the age I target). Not sure my E60 will hold up another four years.

I don't know what I am going to do.
Why do you need to spend $55K for a 3?

I'm getting a 2013 335i Msport with premium and sport AT with HK audio, MSPR about $51K and selling for a bit under $48K.

Just because BMW has a plethora of high priced options, do you really need them?

If you want a greater level of options, then chose the 328i sport instead.
It's an excellent automobile with an impressive engine.

This whole notion that you have to spend $55K plus is bogus.
You can build a 3 for $55K and over, but certainly you don't have to, and you will still have all that BMW driving magic.

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