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Had a look at a F30

Went down to my local showroom yesterday with the wife to have a nosey at a F30 as I've not seen one close up yet.
I must say I was very impressed with the dash and the quality of the interior. I've read a few posts on e90post that have criticized the quality and say its not up to the E90 but I would not agree at all and the F30 is definitely a step in the right direction.
In fact getting back into our E90, the wife commented how our dash looked a bit dated in comparison, I then pointed out it is a 7 year old design now.

One thing a forgot to check - what brand of tyres they are fitting to the F30. Are they still fitting crap Bridgestone run flats? With the E90 they certainly fitted Bridgestone's to 18's but did fit other makes to different size rims. Could Someone with a F30 verify this and also the size of the rim? Particularly interested as to what they are fitting to 18's.