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Originally Posted by Silver F30 View Post
UPDATE: I built my own cable and was successful in coding my car. Again the ICOM from the Service Department I work at DID NOT work.

I have a question. I DO NOT have comfort access but coded to close windows and sunroof with key fob. However, I can't seem to get it to work. Do I need to hold down the lock or unlock button on the fob?

Also I DO NOT have an alarm and coded for the "chirp" when locking or unlocking and that DOES NOT work just to let you guys know.

Thanks again to all those who have helped the rest of us and especially SVACHE!
I have comfort access, so your behavior may be different, but after coding, you have to push and hold the button (fob or handle) for 3 seconds before things start closing and you have to keep it held until the closing is done. If you release the button, the closing stops; probably a safety feature.

BTW: Thanks regarding the chirp; I was going to try that too. I guess I won't bother.