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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
Why do you need to spend $55K for a 3?

I'm getting a 2013 335i Msport with premium and sport AT with HK audio, MSPR about $51K and selling for a bit under $48K.

Just because BMW has a plethora of high priced options, do you really need them?

If you want a greater level of options, then chose the 328i sport instead.
It's an excellent automobile with an impressive engine.

This whole notion that you have to spend $55K plus is bogus.
You can build a 3 for $55K and over, but certainly you don't have to, and you will still have all that BMW driving magic.
+1, and I'll go you one better: A base Sport 335i is $42.8.

If you need a car that polishes your toenails...WTF? The CAR is minus the accouterments of the modern age. If you forget leather, I'll-drive-for-you-"assist" bullshit, concert-hall/radio bullshit, AT, metal-in-paint, heat-my-ass-in-winter bullshit, etc., you can get an significantly upgraded "3", i.e., a 335i, for low $40ks.

Guys who claim they love the BMW thing and then load-up the lux crap on a 328 instead of buying a 335, or buy a lesser car, make me laugh. You people don't love the BMW ride, yuo love your polished toenails. Enjoy!