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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
With regards to diff between 328i and 330d calcs, the guy above only got 25 mpg out of a 328i which sounds a bit disappointing. I get late 30's - 40 mpg out of my current E90 330d so I'd expect the F30 330d to be even better than that based on the manufacturers figures.
But is that representative? We must use the benchmark figures, even if we knock off a percentage, like we'd experience in our own driving.

I drive a 2006 330d auto touring and that has returned 37mpg long term (over 50k miles). I drove the 328i as I'd drive my car, and it returned 42.4mpg OBC over a 90 mile test drive, so have hopes to get over 40mpg in a 328i touring.

Certainly don't buy on fuel costs alone, particularly if you drive low miles.