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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
The S4 and 335i Msport do come in close in price.
The S4 starts higher, but it includes a lot of things you have to add to the 335i, and once added they are very close in price.

As for Msport, it's just cosmetic, you don't have to add it to the 335i to make it more competitive to the S4.

It's not hard to make a case for the 335i at all.
You either like the S4 or you like the 335i.
The S4 has tested faster than the 335i, and when the S4 is optioned with the LSD, it's handling rates better.

Again, you either like the S4 or the 335i.
I test drove both, I chose the 335i.
The S4 is a very sweet automobile. It didn't feel as good over all to me as the 335i does.
IN fact, I drove the S4 back to back with an A4 2.0T quattro sport.
The S4 is more powerful, and the dual clutch is MUCH better than the 8sp AT in the A4. But, I felt more comfortable in the A4's seats, and the A4 felt a bit more cohesive in ride and handling compared to the S4.
Strange, but that's how it felt to me.
I was expecting to like the S4 a LOT more, and really be blown away by it, as I had an 06 A4 2.0T sport and love it.
The S4 just didn't feel that special over the A4 other than the sweet SC engine and dual clutch.

Still, I prefer the 335i, others will prefer the S4.
Seems the S4 is more for you.
Actually, i'm a BMW guy and live in a place where i don't need AWD, so i will usually try to make the case for the bimmer. My point was more along the line of the S4 is marketed/positioned slightly higher than a 335i. In addition to the "exclusivity" factor (b/c it is quite a bit more rare than a 335i), Audi has distinguished it quite a bit from the A4 (lsd, dct, int/ext bits).

I think that gives the S4 more "value" which is why I was mentioning it in terms of price. I.e., if I'm paying 55-60K, i'd rather get an S4 than a 335i.
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