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Originally Posted by verbs View Post
The biggest benefit for me would be if I chose to buy this car at the end of the lease it would cost me about $1500 less to do so with the lower residuals. Though I wouldn't anyway.
Yes, that is a positive.
I was thinking about that last night.
The people who already leased will have higher residuals if they decide to buy it later. But BMW sometimes does lower the residua/purchase price to leasers if they want to buy it. If they can entice the leaser to buy, then they don't have to send the car off to auction. Of course that should apply to current lower residuals as well.

I'm always tempted to buy my leases, but never do.
I love my current 135i w/N54. It's under 30K miles, excellent condition, runs beautifully, no HPFP failure but I did the recall anyway.
Residual is $25,452. Dealer says I could get about $1500 off of that, and they would certify it for no additional cost to get 6yrs/100K miles, which is another full 3yrs/70K of warranty.
2009 135i, 30K miles with 3/70K warranty, and 1yr/20K of free maintanence for about $24K!
That's exceptional Extremely tempting.

But, I've been leasing for the very reason that I like having a new car every 3yrs. Yes, I have continuous payments, but it's always a new car with no worries of out of warranty break downs, and free maintenance.
That too holds a great appeal to me.
I'm looking forward to my 335i Msport. And then I'm hoping BMW will make a 1 series sedan, Msport!