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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
Actually, i'm a BMW guy and live in a place where i don't need AWD, so i will usually try to make the case for the bimmer. My point was more along the line of the S4 is marketed/positioned slightly higher than a 335i. In addition to the "exclusivity" factor (b/c it is quite a bit more rare than a 335i), Audi has distinguished it quite a bit from the A4 (lsd, dct, int/ext bits).

I think that gives the S4 more "value" which is why I was mentioning it in terms of price. I.e., if I'm paying 55-60K, i'd rather get an S4 than a 335i.
That's true. The S4 does distinguish itself nicely over the A4.
The 335i is pretty much the 328i with a more powerful engine and different brakes.
Even the Msport doesn't distinguish itself from the sport line in any meaningful way.
In the least the Msport would have more "special" if BMW added the dynamic handling VSS and adaptive suspension and just increased the Msport price by about $500-$700. Yes, you can still get those things in other 3's, but it it's already included, that still makes for a more special package.
Heck even a LSD for the Msport would have made it "special".