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Question for the group:

I've got a month before my F30 arrives, I have the MY2013 Technology Package which includes Enhanced USB, Apps, Nav, the works.

I have a beater iPod Touch with 25,000+ songs on it which will live in the car 24/7, will always be in the glovebox used only for Music. I'll have an iPhone 4 which will only be used for Apps and Voice Calls (never Music).

I want the best possible interface for the iPod Touch and music, that's my priority, so the Snap-In adapter appears to be what I need to achieve that. I'm told that the only way you get the Apple iPod Out UI is with that cradle.

Here's the question(s):

1. Which Snap-In will work best with the iPod Touch? Will it fit in the iPhone 4 version or do I need to find an iPhone 3/3GS version? Is there an iPod Touch version of the Snap-In or is a workaround with the phone adapters necessary?

2. Over to my iPhone 4, when I want to use the Apps, do I just plug the white USB cable into the other end of the "Y" cable while still leaving my iPod Touch in the Snap-In cradle? Or must I swap the iPhone into the cradle to get the apps to work (hope not as this will be annoying).

In a nutshell, I want an iPod Touch with the better Apple iPod Out user interface always connected 24/7 to iDrive and I want to situationally connect my iPhone 4 hard-wired when I want to use Apps (Bluetooth obviously for phone calls).

Thanks for any assistance...