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Originally Posted by rjc32000 View Post
The decision for the M Sport package was almost entirely cosmetic for me, as I'll never come close to pushing this car to its limits (even without the increased top speed limiter option due to getting x-drive package w/ all-season tires) on the roads I travel.

That said, I do like the option for the sport AT transmission, but didn't love the styling on the regular sport model. I realize that many people LOVE the sport styling, but it just doesn't grab me. I wound up dropping the extra $500 for the sport AT.

One issue that makes me a little apprehensive now that my car is in production: it appears that the M Sport in conjunction with all season tires (a must where I live) somewhat neuters the appeal of the vehicle: no top speed increase, and no lowered suspension. These don't really bother me, but it seems like I'm simply paying for a more aggressive external styling package (and paying a premium for it). What really does bother me, however, is that the 400 style wheels don't appear to come with M Sports configured with all season tires. At least on my production page on the BMW site, my car appears to have some pretty ugly 7 spoke wheels (I think they are style 396). Of the various 18" wheels, these are by far my least favorite, and I'll be a little disappointed if this is indeed what shows up at my dealership. I would much prefer any of the other line's 18" wheels over these. I suppose this is the risk of building a car before you've seen and thoroughly investigated all the available options. Of course, this is also the reason why leasing is so wonderful; I'll pick a better one next time!

In short, I might reconsider my choice for an M sport when this lease is up. I seem to be paying an awful lot of money for not many features (at least compared to a RWD M SPort with summer performance tires), and the aesthetic appeal of the M sport package is significantly diminished (at least in my eyes) if the all season tire option means I'm getting the 396 wheels by default.

Of course, I don't have my car yet, and I may wind up really liking the 396 wheels. ANyone who cares to tell me how much they love these wheels is welcome to make me feel better!
You can the 'dynamic handling' pkg, that will give you the adaptive sport suspension along with the tighter ratio steering rack, for around $1000.
That's give you a very sporty X drive 3 series.

As for the all seasons, you can swap out the OEM AS and get a better set of AS's. Being in Alaska I would think you would want a dedicated winter set, no?

I optioned for the staggered Msport 18's with summer tires.
I'll be swapping those out in early October for real UHP AS tire, non RFT.