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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
The US 328i has smaller brakes than the ROW cars, and they have not been well reviewed at all. I want an F31, which will be heavier than the F30 and still have the same, small brakes. I know I could retro fit the ROW rotors and pads, but if BMW offers a reasonable priced multi piston option with larger still rotors, I'd prefer that. I suppose the other option would be to pirate the master cylinder, calipers, mounts and rotors from a 335i.
Yes, the 328i does have different, smaller rotors.
But from the reviews I've read, like the Laguna Seca tests, there were no complaints about either brake set. There we no comments that the 335i's brakes were any better than the 328i's.
Of course tires make the bigger difference, and I think both 3 models were on summer performance tires.

The only negatives I've read is on 3's that were tested with the AS tires, but that goes to show that tires make a big difference, more so than rotor diameter.
On my test drives of each model, the only negative I encountered is that the brake pedal makes a louder than expected "thud" when released, during busier cornering where my foot comes off the brake pedal faster to get back on throttle. Other than that brake force stopping power felt very BMW like, solid. And, there is a bit more brake travel before the bite, but once bitten they modulate more with force than pedal travel, as it should be.
My 135i has exceptional Brembo 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rears, so that's my current point of reference by which to compare.

I'm surprised that you say the brakes have not been well received, as I'm sure we've both read the same tests and reviews.
Any particular reviews/articles that led you to that conclusion?
Please post their links if you have them.