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Originally Posted by southern6er22 View Post
Very nice review. I haven't seen another photo gallery of F30 pictures as complete and well done as yours. Congrats on the new car - it looks amazing.

How do the different Driving Dynamics Control modes feel in the F30? I'm sure this is somewhere in the F30 forum, but you seem to have an especially keen interest in the details of this car, so I'd love to know your opinion. In my 6er I feel a huge difference in throttle, stiffness, steering, and exhaust between Sport and Comfort, so I'm curious if BMW has kept this clear distinction in other models as well. What about EcoPro? I don't have that on my 2012 6er, but I think the 2013s with the Start/Stop feature will have it. Seems like it might get annoying between Start/Stop, climate control being overtaken by the EfficientDynamics gods, etc. Just curious.

Again, great review and pics, and congratulations!

Because I didn't opt for the Adaptive M Suspension or Variable Steering, the Drive Dynamics Control in my F30 controls only the throttle response and the transmission. However, the difference is still huge when it comes to driving! The throttle response in Eco Pro is really subdued and you have to put your foot further down to get it to pick up. Not that it makes it a slouch by any means! Eco Pro also has the transmission upshift more in the hunt for extra fuel efficiency but because the car turns over at such low revs, that makes it feel even more subdued. The only problem I have found with Eco Pro is that it suddenly realises on an incline that actually, it should be in a gear lower than it is otherwise it's all going to come to a grinding halt! So a change down when applying more power gives a little jerk which doesn't fit the bill for the finest auto transmission about really.

This is why when I'm off the motorway, it more often than not goes back to Comfort as this is just perfect. Better throttle response, the "correct" gear and just having that is more comforting! Transmission doesn't miss a beat!

Sport mode - that'll drop it down a cog or two immediately and the throttle response really sharpens up! Savage response! So even without the steering and suspension stiffening, the whole car still feels more sportier and in attack mode. No real consideration for fuel saving here - it'll try to stay above 2500rpm and just seems super ready for you to plant it!

As regards for Eco Pro controlling the climate control more, yes, it does, but the difference is negligible - although if you REALLY pay attention you will notice the A/C deactivates here and there. But it doesn't allow a raise or decrease in cabin temperature and won't adversely affect the air quality. Very clever system, and it seems effective to be honest! Clever folk designing that again, so it should be great in the 6er too.

Haven't really used Sport+ yet so can't really comment. I'd rather keep my car on the road than round a tree!

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