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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
knowing our luck, it's going to be 328 with optional 8AT.

but BOY this touring is Beautiful !!!

one can only wish for a 335i 6MT, or let us dream about the F81!

Doesn't this press release explicitly tell us the 2013 F31 will be sold in the US with *only* the 8 speed slushbox, only RWD, and only the N20?

I'm out. I'll be looking for a B7 A4 2.0T or S4 with 6 speed. Haven't decided if I care about the abysmal mileage of the S4 for how infrequently I'd drive it. On the other hand, if I had a 20mpg roadtrip car, I'd probably end up choosing to fly rather than drive more often, so maybe I should lean 2.0T.

The E91 6spd xDrive is an option, but I've never been impressed by the low-end 6 cylinders. Frankly, I think the N20 is a big improvement over the 6cyl 328 -- better HP, better mileage, better torque.