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SO, I though the "game" paddles were a gimmick. Apparently they come with a sportier gear box. So many damn options that come with stuff you don't want or need and that removes other stuff you really want. I thought when I picked an M-Sport, the car would be, well, sporty.

HEre is what I think the base M-Sport should come with seeing as it is perceived to be "sportier" than the basic sport line:

M-Sport Package (for drivers who love to drive)
$5500 Standard

1. All the facelift stuff on the outside and inside, etc.
2. Sport auto. Make the damn "game" paddles an option
3. Sport suspension (lower and tighter than sportline. adaptive to me is luxury)
4. Sport calibrated steering. (get rid of the VSS crap)
5. M-Sport brakes (The real ones. Get them in blue or red)
6. 19" Wheels standard (throw in the 18" wheels for free if wanted)
7. Increased speed limiter
8. M-Sport seats. (Can we at least have an M logo on the headrests? Sheesh).

I'd pay $5500 for that package.
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