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Originally Posted by Bob Shiftright View Post
Maybe something was lost in translation from the original German (the sentence in red reads like Babelfish translated it), but I read the press release as saying that there are two different slushies available on the F31 for the US market, one with paddle shifters and one without.

Too bad (for me) if there's no 6-speed manual sold here, absent Bangle's styling I think the F31 is a nice looking car!

OMG, that is completely fucked! Why do they do this?????? You can get a 6MT everywhere else! If this is true I have to rethink everything and I thought I had it all figured out. I don't want a damn auto no matter how good it is!

Edit! Wait a minute! I don't know why I'm getting all upset. The 8 speed auto is standard NOW on the sedan. The Sports transmission is a $500 option and the 6MT is a no cost option. I don't see why that will be any different for the F31.

STEPTRONIC automatic transmission $0
Manual Transmission $0
Sport automatic transmission with shift paddles $500

The press release doesn't mention all the ways the wagon car be configured, only that the 8AT is standard, which just the same as the sedan is now.

Plus, if you read the sentence you highlighted in red, it says that the 8 speed gets better gas mileage than the manual....well then there has to be a manual!!!!!!!!! God I hope so.....

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