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Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
The other day there was a message on the IDrive display saying something like: Oil level is at a minimum please go and refill to the maximum.

At last my question, having had several new BMWs in the past and my second N55.
Having driven now 7800kms/4900miles and having to refill it to the max with 1 litre of oil should be normal or what?
It's a new engine, but I can't recall refilling my other engines with that amount of oil in the past.

In my E46, it required 1 quart added by the time it had it's first oil change at 12K miles.
My 135i also required nearly a quart before it's first oil change at around 14K miles.
The oil use was gradual in both cars.
By the first oil changes oil use was nearly 0 in both cars.

Seems your oil use isn't too bad. 1 quart/liter per 5000 miles will put you at around 3 quarts by the time you hit the first oil change around 15k miles, depending on driving conditions. As you may know, the oil change interval is calculated using data from sensors with number of cold starts, run time on cold engine, etc...
If the consumption slows to around 1 quart per oil change, that should be acceptable.

However, the manufacturer allows for much more use than that. I don't agree with them. 1 quart per 7K miles is ok. 1 quart per 12-15k oil change is better.
1 quart every 3-5K miles in a modern engine is not acceptable to me. It indicates too much blow by, and thus a subsequent loss in engine performance and output.
Not to mention it's polluting too much.

I use an aggressive break in.
No full throttle standing starts before 1000 miles.
Normal take off and steady raise to red line and back down to around 1500rpm in each of the first 3 gears, as far as I can get in 4th, out of 6spds MT. I use plenty of engine braking to help the engine develop it's full potential, and to seat the rings for best compression and least oil use.

Oil change interval? I use BMW's recommendation.

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