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I am a little dispirited by all this. On my 2006 325i I was able to order HIDs, sat radio and ZSP sport suspension as standalone options. If I read the options for the F30 correctly the Sport Line sport suspension is no different to the base sport suspension: the optional suspension is the M Adaptive which is not available on the base. To top it off you get a four banger, albeit a very strong one, but steering which I found to be less tactile and vaguer than the E90's.

At the end of the day you get a more expensive, technology laden car with a dolphin nose that doesn't connect as much with the driver. The British press seem to love it (Autocar), the Americans are underwhelmed (C&D), and I'm falling in with the latter. I need to drive a manual to really make up my mind (again, now the same price as the slushbox -- try finding a manual in a mid-Atlantic showroom, which shows where BMW's base is moving).

Bah, humbug.