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Isn't the issue around the 200-milliseconds change time? Does that mean the standard box uses slower times, or even the sport uses slower times in drive mode?

ZF use the '200-milliseconds' in most of their media and technical data. But when we read that someone like Landrover boast a 200-millisecond change time in a Discovery, it sort of knocks the faster 'sport' change idea a bit sideways.

Alpina on the other hand emphasis the software development and engine management strategy for the ZF 8-speed, for how they achieve fast change times. Even adapting cylinder fuelling and not retarding timing to enhance the gear change time.

Step back a bit and Alpina were able to get much better change characteristics out of the ZF HP 5-speed box for their Switchtronic with software programming and engine management, compared to how BMW used the 5-speed in steptronic mode.

Personally I don't think it is all about how fast the box will mechanically change or block change, but at least partly on how it is managed.