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Originally Posted by stevefoster View Post
Here's a review I wrote for the E90 forum. Over-all a great car.

Not really an apples-apples comparison since mine is an E92 335iMT and the car I had for the day was an F30 328i sedan automatic. That said, here's what I find:
Engine--the N20 pulls well and the car is adequately quick, linear and smooth. Those who say it's about the same as an N55 are just silly.
Definitely not "the same" as the N55. But the N20 is much closer to the N55 than to ... whatever engine the E90 328 had, I can't keep track anymore. To me, the low-end sixes were always way too weak, and it's what kept me from considering the Touring in the past.. too little engine, too much weight. The N20 has solved the 'crappy low-end engine' problem, entirely. I'm highly impressed that a big-ass sedan with a 4-banger and a slushbox would give my M Coupe a run for its money, 13 year old car or not.