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Thanks for the responses!

I bought 20in rims from the 6 series and it looks sick, unfortunately the car vibrates.... And no, it's not the tires or the rims.. They are original BMW. I put the stock ones and still feel vibration... So that's one reason... I put those 20in in my mothers '11 X3 and it's normal... I paid 5k

Second, it makes a rattle noise inside all the time and it's more noisy when the pavement is new and rocky... It gets sooo annoying that i hit the dashboard to try to see if it goes away...
Sorry of my English is off... Haha

I got a trade in and BMW is offering 33k, It was 57k MSRP...

I had bought an Infiniti g37 for 49k msrp and 6mo later they gave me 40k for it which is when I traded it in for the bummer... I mean bimmer...

Since I can't get rid of it for 2 or 3 yers, mind as well pay it off and park it in the garage and get a new one.. At this point I'm very disappointed at BMW...