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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Have to vaporize or you are still inhaling cancer-causing tar. Granted, smoking a hit or two isn't the same as sucking on cigs all day.

Smoked my first cig at 11 - no bs. Never took though, still can't stand them. Smoked cloves off and on in high school, but can't do those regularly either.
I started smoking when I was 14 eventually getting to about a pack a day in college. I quit when I was 30; I got married and figured my wife didn't need me to up and croak on her. Well, I started again when I took on a high-stress job 5 years later in 2008, going to 1/2 pack a day.

This past October, I started using a electronic (i.e. toy) cigarette. Did the whole step-down thing from high levels of nicotine to none, and I haven't smoked a cigarette since. Granted, the cartridges with the moisture that create the vapor are made in China so I may have been trading the cancer-causing chemicals for mercury, lead and God knows what else.

Quitting was a bastard this time, but I'll be off the e-cig in about a week. The work thing will also be fixed this week.