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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
I see what you did there.

I wouldn't call the sport AT software "better".
Simply, it has programming that allows for quicker shifts over the stanard AT. The faster shift programming likely comes into play in DS mode and likely during full manual mode.

Shift times for the standard AT I haven't found.
I have found specs for the sport AT describing the faster shifts.
Single gear up shifts 200 milliseconds. As fast as DCT.
Down shifts can occur in 100 milliseconds, faster than DCT.
Plus, sport AT allow for non sequential down shifts, so you can go from 6th to 3rd without having to shift down to 5th, then 4th, then 3rd.
That's another benefit over DCT, which has to do some sequential down shifts.

I'll post if I can find information on the standard AT.
It too is a great AT as it's really the SAME AT. The difference being shift times.

According to the new accel specs listed on BMW's website, the AT 0-60 has improved by .3 seconds for the 335i AT, and .1 for 328i AT.
Not sure why this happened as no power increase has been shown.
Maybe, they tested the sport AT this time and used the standard AT before? Can't be sure. We need more info to know why accel has improved for the AT.
Quite curious here, just for getting a better understanding on what the transmission technologies are capable these days...

So this AT and Sports AT available now are both traditional type automatic gearbox? What I mean is that it is not one of those "automated manual gearbox" (SMG, DCT, etc.), is that true?

I am quite amazed that a traditional type automatic box is as fast at upshift as DCT and even faster at downshift as DCT. Also how exactly does the Sports AT allow for direct downshift for example from 6th to 3rd?

I hope the key to all that is that it is not of the traditional type of automatic box underneath please share any technical info on that if available.